Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Inglot Under Makeup Base/Primer Review

I'll start my cosmetic reviews at the beginning for now. That is to say at face primers.

This is Inglot's Under Makeup base which is a face primer.
It is a clear gel and is mostly if not totally made of silicone and because of this it has that silicone slip and softness. I purchased this primer because Inglot is conveniently located in the shopping center that is less than 5 minutes drive from my house.

This Primer is AU$35 for 30ml  in Australia and is in the mid price range.

As stated above this primer is mostly silicone and it feels like you'd expect. A pea sized amount is enough for a full application. It spreads easily although you can't tell by looking that it's there. It feels comfortable on the skin and makes it smooth to the touch. However it does little to minimize pores, not that it claims to as far as I'm aware. I find that it does help extend the wear of my makeup for the majority of my face except down my nose which never seems to hold it's makeup, could be my glasses, but who knows.

On my combination skin this primer works fine, I think it would also work for dryer skin types but it may not have enough oil control for those with oily skin.

Overall this primer is pretty good but not awesome and I may purchase again but it will depend on if I find something better.

Squeezed straight from the tube/ Rubbed in

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