Friday, 24 February 2012

Sydney with a hint of Chanel, Stila and Harry Potter

Hello Lovely readers

Haven't posted much this last week because I've been busy working and then for the last 4 days I went from Brisbane to Sydney for a holiday to see the Harry Potter exhibition.
 I had a blast and here is a post with what I did and bought.
A group Photo of my Sydney purchases.
Harry Potter: The Exhibition was amazing!! The props and costumes they used are so amazing and detailed. My favourites were the Horcruxes, Buckbeak and Dobby models, a costume of Luna's and the Yule ball costumes especially Hermione's Dress, it's absolutely gorgeous. Then came the gift shop, I got myself this really awesome Gryffindor pen and a bookmark for my sister.

Gryffindor Pen

Stila Love at First Blush
 I caved and bought the Stila Blush then the Chanel Horizon de Blush and decided that I needed the limited edition Chanel Rouge Coco in Charme so it's next on my list.

Chanel Blush de Horizon

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